ESKA World.


The first Metaverse dedicated for Radio Listeners and Broadcaster

VELES Productions prepares world’s first metaverse platform dedicated for a radio broadcaster. ESKA World will also feature solutions previously unknown in any other virtual world.

The Polish company is creating for Radio ESKA (one of the biggest radio brands in Poland) a 3D experience that combines interactive entertainment with the music broadcast by the radio.

ESKA World

It is the first platform for music fans, as well as artists, that enables them to create music videos and play metaverse concerts, including live performances by music stars.

Events, contests and quests in ESKA World will be continuously updated, responding to situations occurring in the physical world, but will often be presented with a wink.

The new virtual space will allow its users to cross all boundaries, making it possible to fly into space or meet their favourite musician.

Located on levitating islands, ESKA World will also have portals to other metaverse worlds.

ESKA World represents a unique opportunity for the platform’s business partners, offering space for advertising as well as marketing of products and services.

“When immersed in ESKA World, brands will be able to offer services and products, and consumers will be able to shop, order and ship directly from the digital world to the physical one. This is a breakthrough in the integration of the entertainment, gaming and business worlds”, says Artur Paprocki, CEO of VELES Productions.

Bank Pekao S.A. (the second largest bank in Poland) is joining the ESKA World project by creating an NFT PeoPay art gallery.

“We have been the first universal financial institution in the world to tokenize art. We like to be the pioneers. Entering the world of the metaverse with NFT is our next innovative step”, explains Jaroslaw Fuchs, vice president of Bank Pekao S.A., who oversees the Private Banking and Investment Products Division.

ESKA World uses Unreal Engine 5, and is a combination of Massive Multi Player (MMORG) gameplay and radio live streaming. The creators of ESKA World plan to use blockchain technology to create unique events, structures and to enable payments.

“ESKA World is the world’s first metaverse built by a radio station. It combines specific features of computer games, online stores, NFT tokens and music entertainment. It offers a stunning combination of traditional virtual worlds with high-quality graphics and blockchain technology to revolutionise payments”, says Professor Krzysztof Piech, director of the Blockchain Technology Center at Lazarski University in Warsaw.

Visitors to ESKA World will be able to use the platform free of charge on their computers and consoles and use the ESKA mobile app to collect items, make payments and style and modify their digital persona called an avatar.