Year of War in Ukraine

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For Super Express.


Year Of War – Technology Takes The Viewer To War

Technology takes the viewer to war. Pioneering use of the virtual scenography of a besieged Ukrainian city in an online broadcast.

Veles Productions, a company specializing in the production of new worlds using virtual reality technology, was responsible for preparing the scenography for the special program Rok Wojny broadcast on February 24, 2023 by “Super Express” on and the brand’s YouTube channel.

The technology used takes the viewer to war. What the viewer saw was not a figment of the imagination of the employees of the graphic studio, but authentic 3D models scanned by photogrammetry from the shelled cities and villages of Ukraine. Buildings and vehicles have been scanned with great precision down to detail and refined by graphic designers in Ukraine. The proceeds from the sale of these 3D models for the needs of the special edition were donated to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

For the needs of the Year of War, we reach for technologies that are used only by the largest televisions. Realistic virtual scenery is based on the real-time graphics engine Unreal Engine 5.1. We will use the Stype RedSpy 3 tracking system and the arm with the Stype Human Crane steerable head. This has not yet been seen in online broadcasts – says Martynian Rozwadowski, head of the technology department at Veles Productions.

Jędrzej Nowak, director of the audio and video department of Time S.A. (this company is the publisher of, among others, “Super Express”), he is so pleased with the effect that he announces the permanent participation of augmented reality, the more that we have entered an election year and there will be plenty of opportunities.

Cooperation with Veles Productions is a pleasure for every producer. This is a team that responded positively to all our expectations and, based on their experience, gave us great support, and this, contrary to appearances, does not happen so often – says Nowak.

In turn, Artur Paprocki, president of Veles Productions, emphasizes that the use of augmented reality technology in the “Super Express” program is a great example of creating bridges between the physical and digital worlds for the upcoming new media domain, which is the metaverse.

Veles Productions is planning to implement new projects using these technologies that will reach our everyday life on the media, games and film production market – announces Paprocki.