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Podcast With Our CEO Artur Paprocki About The Future
Of Metaverse

The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on the communication of society. In futurism and science fiction, the Metaverse is described as one, universal, virtual world that we can use with AR applications and VR goggles. The whole project assumes the integration of virtual and physical spaces, including the virtual economy, with a large share of VR technology. This allows you to meet or meet other people and develop entire companies and enterprises, learn, work and play.

Meanwhile, the world’s first metaverse for a radio broadcaster is being created in Poland. We are talking about Eska World. What are the pros and cons of the metaversum? Will metaverse worlds replace the realities we know today? Which way will their development go? About this, among others, in this edition of Signposts.

In the studio with Michał Poklękowski is Artur Paprocki, president of Veles Productions (creator of the Eska World metaverse).