The Colombian Process in the Metaverse

The Metaverse Is Just A Toy?.


The Metaverse Is Just A Toy? The First Trial Has Already Taken Place There

So far, we have looked at this phenomenon primarily as a new form of entertainment. This, however, begins to change as technology turns out to be a solution to problems in other fields. In Colombia, the first trial involving the metaworld took place recently. Everything indicates that this will not be the last such case.

The trial, which was broadcast online, was part of an ongoing lawsuit between the Colombian police and the local transport workers’ union. In the virtual courtroom sat the avatars of both sides and the police. The judge also conducted the trial as an avatar, some witnesses connected to the courtroom via video connection. The case has not been completed, further meetings related to it may take place in real life, but this experiment has been counted as an element of lawful conduct.

The Colombian trial in the metaworld is widely commented on around the world. For lovers of this technology, it is another step on the way to its dissemination and thus continuous improvement. If something as serious as a lawsuit can be conducted in the metaverse, why can’t other institutions use it as well?

On the other hand, of course, there are concerns that we are not yet ready to sufficiently protect ourselves against abuse, impersonation with the help of deep fake technology and other threats. As with any technological innovation: the arms race between those who protect and those who break the protection has just begun. However, the first step was taken – the institution of public trust worked in the metaworld.