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Year of War.

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Seven Hour Of Live Broadcast

Veles Productions was responsible for preparing the scenography for the special program Year of War broadcast on February 24, 2023 by “Super Express” on se.pl and the brand’s YouTube channel.

The technology used takes the viewer to war. What the viewer saw was not a figment of the imagination of the employees of the graphic studio, but authentic 3D models scanned by photogrammetry from the shelled cities and villages of Ukraine. Buildings and vehicles have been scanned with great precision down to detail and refined by graphic designers in Ukraine. The proceeds from the sale of these 3D models for the needs of the special edition were donated to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The seven hour long stream was challenging but satisfying experience.



Time S.A

Production company

Veles Productions

Executive Producer

Artur Paprocki


Cezary Kujawa

AR Graphics Design

Damian Galiński

AR Graphics Controls

Marcin Szymborski

Virtual Set Senior Designer

Michał Chojnowski

Virtual Set Designer

Damian Szymborski

XR Engineer Lead

Martynian Rozwadowski

XR Engineers

Mariusz Dzwonowski, Marcin Krykowski


Super Express

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Time S.A

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