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Jasim Al Azzawi Launches his private youtube show

High Quality Virtual Set For Single
Content Creator

Jasim Al Azzawi represents best values in journalism with his own, unique style. As Veles Productions we wanted to match his level of expertise by delivering best scenography and graphic elements design we possibly could.
That’s why for design of the virtual set we have joined forces and skills of our team architect and our team Unreal Engine artist.

Veles prepared set of ready to use graphics and templates, plus solution to operate them all. Everything done to visually enhance his private political show. CG templates are based on Unreal Engine and Stype systems. All graphic elements are designed and animated according to his brand identity guidline.

Veles’ offer includes not only design but also implementation.


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Jasim Al Azzawi

Production company

Veles Productions


Damian Galiński


Paweł Stawiński


Adam Skorupa

Executive Producer

Artur Paprocki

XR Supervisor

Arif Agung Nugroho
Michał Chojnowski

Set Designer

Jose Barbella
Michał Chojnowski

Making of

Bartosz Wappa