Veles Productions

XR Lab.

Veles Productions

XR Lab

Studio location

Jubilerska 10 Street – 1ST FLOOR 04-190 Warsaw, Poland

The studio is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, which makes it an ideal space for a broad range of productions such as presentations, informational programs, commentary, TV call-ins, e-sports broadcasts, intimate talk shows, and live recordings. Its state-of-the-art amenities provide everything necessary to create top-notch content, interact with your audience, and deliver live performances.

Studio parameters

  • Area: 138 M²
  • Studio dimensions: LENGTH 12.63M, WIDTH 11.15M, HEIGHT 5.46M.
  • ROE Ruby 1.9mm  7,5m x 3,5m videowall
  • MegapixelVR Helios procesor with multicam ghosframe technology
  • roe ruby 1.9mm movable side panels
  • 3 x Stype Redspy 3.0 tracking system
  • arri lightning system
  • separate control room with RTS odin intercoms
  • roe CB3 ceiling
  • Location: Jubilerska 10 Street, 1ST FLOOR.