The Metaverse Is Just A Toy?

The Metaverse Is Just A Toy? The First Trial Has Already Taken Place There So far, we have looked at this phenomenon primarily as a new form of entertainment. This, however, begins to change as technology turns out to be a solution to problems in other fields. In Colombia, the first trial involving the metaworld […]

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Podcast With Our CEO Artur Paprocki About The Future Of Metaverse The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on the communication of society. In futurism and science fiction, the Metaverse is described as one, universal, virtual world that we can use with AR applications and VR goggles. The whole project assumes the […]

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Year Of War – Technology Takes The Viewer To War Technology takes the viewer to war. Pioneering use of the virtual scenography of a besieged Ukrainian city in an online broadcast. Veles Productions, a company specializing in the production of new worlds using virtual reality technology, was responsible for preparing the scenography for the special […]

ESKA World

The first Metaverse dedicated for Radio Listeners and Broadcaster VELES Productions prepares world’s first metaverse platform dedicated for a radio broadcaster. ESKA World will also feature solutions previously unknown in any other virtual world. The Polish company is creating for Radio ESKA (one of the biggest radio brands in Poland) a 3D experience that combines […]